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10 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Thank you so much for allowing me to join the family and you all scattering Mel’s ashes. It brings back the touching memories of his funeral. Amazing how today reminds us that death ends a life, but not a relationship.


  2. A caring and sensitive – and heartwarming – chronical to one of the most caring, sensitive and heartwarming persons this world has ever known. I feel blessed that our lives crossed on many occasions. Thank you for this tribute. Lucy Steinitz


  3. Delighted to see his. Loved the photos; impressed with the building. Clearly an outstanding architect. Thanks for doing hisk adn thanks for sharing his life with us. Keeps him more vividly alive in our hearts.

    Lots of love,



  4. Oh, this is the best thing you and Adam has done in memory of Mel. I miss him so much. I miss you too Nathan. I am sure he is smiling down on us from heaven. This will surely make sure his name lives on.. a foundation could be the next step.. I remember he started some projects and it would be great to continue those projects under a foundation in his name. Anyway, my thoughts. But great job overall. He didn’t change much over time. And Tes, he has been to Soweto.. 🌹🌹


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